Wheel Parts

Inner Tube Front Wheel

Inner Tube Front Wheel Part # KT275/300X21

Color: Black | Size: 2.75X21
Rimtape Front Wheel

Rimtape Front Wheel Part # RIMTAPE FRONT 21

Color: Black | Size: 21"
Rimtape Rear Wheel

Rimtape Rear Wheel Part # RIMTAPE 18 TBL

Color: White | Size: 18"
Rimtape with Valve Rear Wheel

Rimtape with Valve Rear Wheel Part # RIMTAPE VALVE 18 TBL

Color: Black | Size: 18"
Rim Lock Front Wheel

Rim Lock Front Wheel Part # RIML WM1

Color: Black
Tyre Air Valve Caps

Tyre Air Valve Caps Part # JI612-2542